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Jodi Skees, specializes in analyzing potential strategic partner relations for developing and marketing businesses of all types, sizes, and markets.  Along with her confident, dynamic personality and creative outlook, Jodi utilizes her strong analytical & project management skills and experience to assist companies in acquiring new customers, increasing sales, and offering additional products and services.

For any business with the ambition to expand or diversify its clientele, Jodi plays a crucial role in corporate identity and brand management, developing marketing strategies and planning promotional campaigns.  She ensures effective internal communications so that all relevant company functions are kept informed of marketing objectives.  Jodi also assists in the purchase or sale of businesses. Jodi is a master when it comes to helping business owners achieve success. Jodi empowers her clients with the tools, knowledge, and direction to develop a business’  full growth potential.

As the Director of Marketing and Business Development and the Executive Legal Assistant for Wright Legal Services, Jodi works with businesses both small and large, from all sectors and in various markets including the SBA  and US Government contracting.

Jodi is passionate about learning and understanding her clients’ business model and utilizes her strong skills to uncover areas of opportunity in an effort to acquire new customers and increase sales. Jodi leaves no stone unturned, her clients appreciate her attention to every detail. She is by their side guiding every step of the way to ensure the business’ identity and brand management, as well as marking strategies and promotional campaigns are solidified and properly executed both internally and externally.

As life and opportunities change, Jodi is there to strategize with business owners through mergers, sales, and acquisitions. Jodi is brilliantly connected and is an experienced business “matchmaker”. She has an uncanny ability to find businesses strengths and weaknesses and ultimately works to pair them up for mutual success.

Before devoting her skills to the clients of Wright Legal Services, the Colorado native established, developed and managed, a highly successful construction company and was the owner of a safety training company prominent in North Dakota.

Business is always on Jodi’s mind, but when she is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her two grown sons and laying on a beach in the Rivera Maya.

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