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The only thing that is worse than getting bad legal advice is paying for bad legal advice. By contrast, getting good legal advice can save time, effort and money. At Wright Legal Services, PLLC, we understand that important distinction; our clients may need a document prepared or a letter sent, but before anything like that can be prepared, we know there is a critical point in time when the client and the lawyer discuss why that document or letter represents the right legal solution.
Every good law firm can prepare the document or the letter and while it is important for the client to feel like the lawyer is qualified to do that work, the more important part of the lawyer/ client relationship is when the client and the lawyer agree on why that solution is the best option. That first step is critical to the client’s success and ensures that the client never overpays for what follows.
How does a client know that he or she is getting good advice? As backwards as it sounds, the less a client hears from the lawyer in the initial meeting the more they can rest assured they will get the best legal advice available. That silence is actually the sound of a good lawyer listening to the client’s description of his or her needs; the more silence, the better the listener. And the better the listener, the better the advice.

Wright Legal Services doesn’t just provide legal services; we solve problems.  Yes, most of our clients require legal help, but they  trust us to look for related solutions that may be more effective and/or less expensive.  When a legal strategy is necessary, our clients expect us to explain that option and, with their input, implement it.

However, when we focus on solving their overall problem as our highest priority, ofttimes, the legal component is only a part of that solution.  In fact, rarely is a problem only a legal one; many times there are other issues that need to be addressed at the same time. However, too often, clients think hiring us to provide a legal service is the same as hiring us to solve their problem.  Those are rarely the same; in reality, they are very different.  We understand that difference and will never lose sight of the fact that clients needs solutions, not just legal services.  Let us show you how that difference feels to you.  Click here to reach us.