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About Us

The concept of a family lawyer seems to have gone by the wayside; instead, legal services through websites like LegalZoom are now available without a lawyer even being involved. Other services, such as Legalshield, treat the law as if it were an insurance product, or attorney-client relations like a club membership. While those services are useful to some, most people need more than a pre-prepared form or a cookie-cutter solution offered by an attorney they will never meet. The more that the legal landscape has shifted away from personalized legal advice offered by well-informed legal professionals, the more that the founders of Wright Legal Services, PLLC have resisted that shift. We believe in the concept of the family lawyer and have spent a great deal of time and effort to preserve that philosophy within the firm.

Clients immediately notice the difference in many ways, including when every member of the firm, from the receptionist to the most senior attorney, know them by first and last name and also know an appropriate amount of personal information and, most importantly, also know how to help them get the most cost-effective legal support possible. The end result for the client is the same security and peace of mind that people previously experienced when their family had the same legal advisor for every problem they faced. With this philosophy, the firm has been able to attract qualified, caring legal professionals with experience in every aspect of law that impacts a family. Whether the issues involve adoptions, guardianships, divorce, child custody and support, wills, trusts, probate or even a small business that has provided the means of supporting the family, the attorneys and staff of the firm can help with every aspect of those areas of the law. And whether the issues involve planning to avoid a problem or getting out of a problem that could not be avoided, the firm has many years of experience in dealing with those issues. And for those few areas of the law where the firm is not as experienced, there are seasoned professionals with dozens of years of experience easily within reach.

There are many ways that the law has changed over the past three decades, but throughout that period of time, Wright Legal Services, PLLC has worked very hard to stay connected to their clients so that no matter the legal problem or opportunity, each client had the legal support they needed to obtain the very best result possible. That outcome remains the firm’s single most important objective and everything it does is designed to keep each client feeling satisfied and supported.


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