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Business Transactions and Succession Planning; Estate Planning and Administration

For the past 33 years, Brad Wright has either been in private practice or serving as general counsel for two multi-million dollar companies, providing him with experience in many areas of the law, finance, business and management. Mr. Wright obtained his education in the form of a bachelor’s degree in Business Finance from Brigham Young University in 1984. He then pursued his law degree from the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University graduating cum laude in 1987. Mr. Wright is licensed to practice in the State and Federal Courts of Colorado, California and Idaho as well as the in the District Court of Columbia.

The combination of Mr. Wright’s business degree, law degree and work experience has given him the ability to develop critical thinking and persuasive and technical writing skills which lend themselves well to his business, corporate and estate planning areas of practice. Mr. Wright relies on this extensive level of experience and education to help individuals with estate planning needs, especially business owners as they manage the succession of the emerging or established businesses they run. He and his staff focus on helping clients manage all types of estate planning needs as well as a variety of business and commercial transactions, and deal with a variety of other business and employment issues. His goal is to help clients effectively manage their estates and when applicable, grow their business, safely manage legal transactions, and build credibility with their partners and clients.

Mr. Wright began his legal career in Southern California and subsequently moved to Colorado, but has maintained a Southern California presence and clientele. He travels as needed between Mesa County, Colorado and Orange County, California in order to ensure that his clients in both locations receive the personal attention which has helped Mr. Wright distinguish himself among other outstanding advisors of the law.

Brad has 5 children and 8 grandchildren. Mr. Wright enjoys writing, both professionally and in personal pursuits, and considers himself a constant student of history, particularly United States History and World Religious History. Mr. Wright also enjoys several sports and is heavily involved in outdoor activities including golf, hiking, biking and camping.

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