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Client Care

Client Testimonials

“Brad Wright is a consummate professional.  He is as knowledgeable as they come, and very good at what he does.  Brad is easy to talk to, personable, and professional.”

-Chris M.

“As a new client, I was in need of emergency legal services.  Brad was able to advise, while I was out of town.  At the first meeting, he was very concise, thorough, and asked pertinent questions.  I am very happy with the support he provided on a very important matter.”

-Maggie D.

“I think Brad is an amazing, prompt, and great lawyer.  I have never had someone give me such thorough legal advice.  He got back to me right away with all of the information needed.  I am completely happy with how swift his phone and email responses are.”

-Jodi G.

“Always willing to help, and a great part of my referral database.  Brad Wright has an exceptional business mind and understands the concepts – amazing.  He is kind and has a great listening ear.”

-Shannon S.

“Always in communication with me, and amazing follow up.  Brad is consistently available for calls and emails.  He has consideration for each individual client, with any hardship.  I feel full confidence in his abilities, because he takes care of his clients.”

-Burdette M.

“Things I love about Brad: his knowledge of the law, his sense of justice, the confidence he instills while riding waves of consideration. His grace, poise, and laser focus on the strategy of a win. His bravery and empathy…a rare combination. And his elegant, arresting writing style. Few people have had such a profound influence on my life. I am honored to have Brad as my legal advocate, wise counsel, and dear friend.”

-Robbie S.

“We were very nervous about seeing an attorney, but the whole process was comfortable and everyone was wonderful. It was a great experience.”

– Marilyn M.

“Brad Wright has been, and continues to be, my “go-to” legal source for all human resource dilemmas. The support and advice I am provided allow me to make confident decisions for both the Company’s and our employees’ benefit. His approach demonstrates calmness, resolve and a wisdom that are greatly appreciated in each interaction.”
– Bret M.

“My mother, age 95, hired Brad Wright to order her legal affairs, including complex surface and mineral rights in a different state. Brad was extraordinarily kind and respectful to mother, always interacting directly with her. I asked mother if she was satisfied with Brad’s work and she replied, “He is wonderful and saved my life, because my legal issues are now in order and that is a relief.”
– Jan W.

“We appreciated the service. Everything was straightforward and you made it easy.”
– Carol M.