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Catherine is a Graphic Designer and founder and owner of Cat’s Letter Box, a graphics design firm that provides support to the law office and several of its institutional clients. Catherine has worked in the design and print industry for the past 13 years and has successfully worked with dozens of clients to define their vision and then translate it to design, print, marketing, web and social media. While she is able to help clients at all levels of sophistication, her talents are best applied when a client has an idea of his or her brand, but has struggled to define that brand in terms of how to present it to potential clients through social media platforms and online generally.

Catherine received her bachelor’s degree at the Art Institute International Minneapolis, Minnesota and has continued her education by staying on the cutting edge with the latest design software as well as the latest design trends. She has applied that experience with several clients including, most recently, Align Technology and their sales representatives across the United States. Staying in line with current design trends yet keeping within the branding guidelines with every project.

Catherine has always had the drive to succeed in whatever she chose to do, whether her choices were professional or personal, and takes pride in achieving the highest quality possible for the least cost. That combination of efficiency and cost-effectiveness make her a good fit for small business and/or family-owned businesses. She could have gone to work for large design firms and serviced only high-priced and high-paying clients, but turned down those opportunities and, instead, provide metropolitan “Wall Street” quality to her smaller town “Main Street” clients. Examples of her work can be found at

Outside of work, Catherine is a busy mom of two amazing kids: Addy and Brennon. She her family love being in the outdoors, including but not limited to, hiking, biking, traveling, camping and sight-seeing. If she and her family can do it together, they will.

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