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Valerie the Executive Paralegal &  Director of Finance for Wright Legal Services, has prior experience as both a legal assistant and court clerk, as well as a background in accounting this makes her a natural fit for the firm. She handles accounting responsibilities for the firm’s activities in Colorado, Idaho and California and also supports clients of the firm that are working toward the eventual sale of their business by handling much of the financial and ratio analysis that goes into that type of preparation.

Valerie had an interest in the law from a young age, starting with her internship at the juvenile court and police department in high school.   She has since studied as a Paralegal in Criminal Justice, and then gained significant experience in many different areas of the law.  Valerie has worked as a legal assistant, with a focus on real estate and estate planning; she also served as a Court Clerk for the District Court in Montrose County, Colorado.  She has also worked Evidence and CSI for a large police department, and found the work very rewarding; she now uses the same detail-oriented approach to her work with the firm and its clients that she did previously when examining crime scenes and collecting evidence.

Born and raised in the Salt Lake City area, Valerie is married and has 2 amazing boys, and 3 beautiful daughters.

Valerie enjoys playing piano, watching crime documentaries, traveling, going to the beach, and taking her family to Disneyland.

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