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Kristy was asked to join Wright Legal Services, PLLC as a  Paralegal, in part, because she brings a fresh perspective to the firm and is dedicated to taking care of each client’s individual and specific needs.  Her prior legal experience was a perfect match for the firm’s interest in bringing on a talented young professional that could help the firm stay in touch with the growing young entrepreneurial segment of the Western Colorado market.  She works with Mr. Wright to accommodate our clients with a variety of legal needs, including various aspects of estate planning, estate administration, employer-employee relations and, as necessary for some clients, managing the details of their litigation calendars and schedules. Her desire to learn and grow in the law is allowing the list of tasks to grow and expand into many other areas of the firm’s practice.

From among a large pool of qualified candidates, Kristy was selected to join our team because she strongly believes our clients come first.  She is the prime example of the firm’s core value, namely listening carefully to our client’s concerns; once she understands the needs of a client, Kristy then does the homework necessary to offer each client the entire span of the firm’s resources, expertise, background, and experience.  That process allows each client to build trust in the firm so that each feels that their concerns have been heard, addressed and resolved as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Prior to Wright Legal Services, Kristy was a Legal Assistant at Bechtel Santo & Severn, and prior to that, she was an Administrative Assistant at Daniels Law Group and a Classified Consultant at The Daily Sentinel for over 6 years.  Each prior employer has solidly recommended Kristy for advancement in her legal career.


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